Demand for labour in the Accommodation industry could support 297,129 full-year jobs by 2025. The sector includes hotels and other lodging operations in Canada.

Flexibility is a key reason so many people consider a career in this area - the opportunity to move to different regions and establishments, even different countries, is very attractive, as is the potential for good career growth, especially for those with appropriate training, skills and experience. Within the Accommodation industry are several categories of employees, including:

Front desk and guest services

This is often the most visible department of a property, where guests typically have the first personal contact. Individuals can be employed in reservations, guest services or front desk reception.


Administrative staff work in all aspects of Accommodations, including management, human resources, finances, purchasing, sales and marketing.


Fitness is a newer area of the accommodation sector, and positions are often available for those skilled in using gym equipment and in training others how to use it. If the hotel is not the direct employer of a fitness trainer, he or she would be considered to be working in the Recreation and Entertainment industry.

Maintenance and Housekeeping

These are essential departments in any property. While those working in these departments typically have little direct contact with guests, their services have a significant impact on guest satisfaction and consequently on sales results.