Food & Beverage

In recent years, this has been the largest industry group, employing 775,200 people in 2006. As a major employer of youth, the food and beverage industry serves as a training ground for people who are beginning their careers.  

Food and beverage outlets can include restaurants from fast service to fine dining, as well as pubs, bars, nightclubs and lounges. Food and beverage chains have also found a niche in bookstores, department stores and casinos. As the sophistication of operations grows, many restaurants have diversified, coming out with their own retail product lines, while many specialty cafés now market their products to airlines and offices.  

Kitchen staff, room service staff, food and beverage servers and bartenders are just some of the positions that are available in this area. (As noted above, food and beverage workers who are employed by a hotel that provides the food services directly will be included in the Accommodation industry.)