Recreation & Entertainment

Experience the adventure of a lifetime - again and again!

Consider a career in Recreation and Entertainment. This industry is projected to be the fastest growing tourism industry by 2015 and offers some of the most unique work and career opportunities. From working on a ski hill to event coordination, this industry has lots to offer!

Outdoor Adventure and Ecotourism

Many travelers seek adventure, challenge and excitement in the fabulous outdoor settings that Canada has to offer. Hiking, cycling, mountaineering, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, horseback riding, river rafting, scuba diving, sky diving, snowmobiling, and nature and wildlife viewing are just some of the activities included in this industry of the tourism sector.

People who work in this industry combine special expertise with their love and knowledge of the outdoors. As with all front line tourism occupations, employees must enjoy working with people and be skilled at understanding and meeting individual needs. In addition, employees must respect the environment and help others to respect it as well, to preserve and protect the ecology for the future.

Ski Resorts

Winter may come but once a year, yet you can be part of it year round! Canada’s more than 300 alpine ski areas attract millions of domestic and foreign tourists annually and there are hundreds of ski clubs serving this industry. It employs people who sell clothing and ski equipment, maintain and repair facilities and equipment, operate equipment and teach people to ski.

Golf and Tennis Facilities

Large numbers of Canadians and foreign visitors love Canada’s many golf and tennis facilities. As with ski resorts, this industry needs employees to sell clothing and sports equipment, maintain and repair facilities and equipment, and train players.

Parks and Attractions

In addition to Canada’s 38 national parks and 792 national historical sites, all provinces and territories have regional parks. Most urban and rural municipalities also have parks and habitat protection areas. Attractions can include historic sites, heritage homes, museums, halls of fame, art galleries, botanical gardens, aquariums, zoos, water and amusement parks, casinos and cultural attractions. Some attractions are educational; others are solely for entertainment – but all of them can give you the ability to embark on a great adventure…a job or career in tourism!

Employees in this industry work full and part time in a variety of positions in planning, marketing, selling, maintaining, promoting, patrolling, interpreting and training.

Marine Facilities

Across Canada, Canadians and foreign visitors alike enjoy water and water-based activities, such as fishing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing, and sea-dooing. Related businesses include marinas, tour boat excursion or rental operators, sport-fishing lodges, and fly-in fishing camps. On both the east and west coasts, there are marine businesses offering exciting activities such as whale-watching, kayaking and deep-sea fishing. This sector requires employees as guides, instructors, business operators and more.