Transportation is an essential part of the tourism industry and the sector is a significant employer.

Over a quarter of a million Canadians work in the four modes of the transportation sector: road, air, rail and marine.


The majority of Canadian and foreign tourists travel by road and considerable employment opportunities exist in the industries that support tourists and their cars. There are also other ground-transportation businesses, including motor coach travel, shuttle buses to and from airports and event sites, taxicab operations and vehicle rental companies – all of these require a range of employees from customer service to maintenance, management, sales and other personnel.


After road, air is the main form of domestic and foreign travel. Air travel has been a growth area in Canada since the mid-1990s. Despite recent turmoil in individual companies, the prospects are increasingly positive for the future. Air transportation is a wonderful option for those who look for employment that offers travel benefits.


Rail travel, a relaxed, scenic way to travel, is becoming increasingly popular. It’s no longer just the transport mode to get to a vacation spot – it’s now part of the vacation experience itself. Via Rail, Canada's only national passenger rail service, carries approximately 3.8 million passengers annually and employs staff in a wide range of occupations. There are also smaller regional railways, which need employees to sell tickets, operate the trains, etc.


Many travelers opt for cruises for their vacation or use marine transportation to reach a vacation destination. Employees are needed in marine-based transportation businesses such as cruise lines, ferry companies, marinas and water taxis. Like air transportation, the marine transportation industry appeals to employees who enjoy traveling as part of their work.