Slope/Trail Grooming Operator
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Slope grooming operators work at downhill or cross-country ski/snowboard operations. They monitor and maintain ski slopes, either with heavy specialized equipment or with snowmobiles and skis. They spend much of their work time outdoors and work can be seasonal, the length of the season depending on snowfall and ski conditions. Shift work may be necessary, as, especially for many downhill slopes, much of the grooming is done at night.


  • Minimize area hazards
  • Maintain and operate machinery and equipment
  • Determine snow conditions and respond with correct grooming techniques


A general knowledge of ski area operations and terrain is required, as is knowledge of snow characteristics and weather effects. In addition, a groomer must be able to use this knowledge to determine the proper grooming technique to be used. An aptitude for equipment use and repair is necessary, as well as the ability to work carefully and safely. Knowledge of radio code systems is desirable, as are time management and teamwork skills.


A secondary school diploma is preferred. A mechanics licence or similar is preferred. Knowledge of the Ski Area/Resort Operations National Occupational Standards is an asset.

Career Path: 

Grooming Supervisor, Operations Manager, Ski Area Manager.