College and University Programs

Public and private colleges and universities offer a wide selection of tourism education and training programs. Some of these programs are available through distance education in rural communities. Some are part-time classes for those who are already working. Frequently, distance-delivery courses are available in print or electronic format, so that course materials can be used or accessed in the convenience of your own home, at a time that suits you.

The number of tourism programs has increased greatly in the past few years. There continue to be new programs every year, and established programs are constantly being adapted to meet changing trends and demands. There has been an increase in the complexity and duration of many programs; many one-year college programs are now two-year diploma programs and some university degree programs now have post-graduate studies. Those seeking information about specific college or university programs are advised to contact the institution directly or view their websites to gain up-to-date information. Check out our School Finder to find tourism institutions or programs in your area.

There are other education and training programs not directly related to tourism, but that may be helpful to a career in tourism. These include employment preparation or re-entry courses, training for special groups, and business and entrepreneurship programs at secondary schools or colleges. Talk to a guidance counsellor or employment advisor to find the right program for you.