Pre-employment Training

Get a head start on a career in tourism and hospitality with programs geared specifically towards developing transferable and entry-level skills.


Over 11,000 unemployed and underemployed people have already benefitted from job readiness training and career planning through the Ready to Work (RTW) internship program. This bridging program helps individuals across Canada transition into tourism and hospitality jobs through classroom and workplace training based on emerit National Occupational Standards.

RTW participants gain:

  • Increased employability skills and knowledge
  • Certificates such as CPR, WHMIS, responsible service of alcohol, and food safety
  • Practical work experience under the guidance of an industry mentor/supervisor
  • Easy access to relevant and current learning materials
  • Greater understanding of job and career opportunities in tourism
  • Knowledge of tourism related activities in your community, region and province/territory
  • Resources for ongoing professional development

Learn more about the RTW program and explore success stories.

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Tourism Essentials

Develop transferable skills to gain a competitive edge in a variety of entry-level tourism and hospitality jobs.

Tourism Essentials training is recognized by employers across Canada and builds:

  • Customer service skills
  • Time management skills
  • Basic life management skills
  • Customer-facing language skills

By achieving the Tourism Essentials Certificate, you also earn credit toward emerit Professional Certification.

Find out more about the Tourism Essentials training options and certificate program.

Canadian Workplace Essentials

Created for newcomers to Canada, Canadian Workplace Essentials offers valuable information on Canadian workplace culture.

Gain a clear understanding of the values and attitudes Canadian employers are looking for through:

  • Over 170 pages of valuable information for new Canadians
  • References to Canadian occupational standards
  • Exercises and lessons in communication and Canadian workplace culture
  • Performance checklists

Access the Canadian Workplace Essentials Workbook to help you successfully enter the Canadian workplace.