Professional Certification Programs

In addition to the licences and certificates that you must have in order to work in some tourism occupations in Canada, emerit tourism training will help you get a job and develop your career in your chosen tourism field. Canadian employers are looking for workers who have the knowledge, experience, and professional performance skills that are needed for success.

Tourism HR Canada’s emerit tourism certification is recognized in every province and territory, making it easier for you to use your skills right across Canada.

There are three certificates available:

  • The first is a pre-employment course, called Tourism Essentials. If you are new to tourism, this course gives you a good base of information that you can build from, and shows employers that you have the necessary skills and understanding of the tourism sector.

The next two certificates are for people who have chosen an occupation they would like to learn more about and develop a career in. They are the Knowledge Certificate and Certification.

  • With the emerit Knowledge Certificate, you show that you have a good understanding of the information necessary to do the job. Students are tested against the national standards for the occupation using a multiple-choice exam.
  • Full emerit Certification is the highest credential available to industry professionals, and is recognized across the country. Earning the certificate requires passing the Knowledge Certificate examination to prove knowledge of occupational skills, completing the required hours of industry experience, and, for certain occupations, passing an on-the-job evaluation to show mastery of the practical performance skills.