Niagara College Canada

300 Woodlawn Road
Welland, ON

Program Name Qualification Program Length Delivery Method
Bachelor of Applied Business (Hospitality Operations Management) Undergraduate Degree 4-years Classroom
Baker - Apprenticeship Certificate 30-weeks Co-op/ On the Job
Beauty and Spa Techniques Certificate varies Classroom
Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Diploma 2-years Classroom
Business Administration-Professional Golf Management (Co-op) Diploma 3-years Classroom
Conventions and Meeting Management Certificate varies Online
Cook - Apprenticeship Certificate 30-weeks Co-op/ On the Job
Culinary Innovation and Food Technology (Co-op) Diploma 3-years Classroom
Culinary Management (Co-op) Diploma 2-years Classroom
Culinary Skills-Chef Training Certificate 1-year Classroom
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Certificate varies Online
Esthetician Diploma 2-years Classroom
Event Management Certificate 1-year Classroom
Health Care Food Service Certificate varies Classroom
Hospitality and Tourism Management Certificate 1-year Classroom
Hospitality Management - Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op) Diploma 2-years Classroom
Professional Chef Management Certificate 1-year Classroom
Recreation and Leisure Services Diploma 2-years Classroom
Tourism Management - Business Development (Co-op) Diploma 2-years Classroom
Wine Business Management Certificate 1-year Classroom
Winery and Viticulture Technician Diploma 2-years Classroom