Assess Your Skills

Assess The Skills You Have

Skills and abilities can be obtained in different ways: education (e.g., high school, college or university), formal training (such as training courses and programs), and experience (e.g., on-the-job training, community and volunteer activities or life experience).

To find meaningful employment, you have to demonstrate to an employer that you have the skills, knowledge and experience they are looking for.

Chances are you have more tourism-related knowledge, skills and experience than you realize. But unless you can explain them on your resume or in a job interview, your opportunities will be limited.

The first step is to do a skills assessment. This will help you gain a better understanding of your transferable skills—abilities that you previously acquired that can be applied to a new job.

Employment counsellors can help you assess your skills and abilities as well as assist you in developing your resume and practicing your interviewing skills.

Tourism Certification

If you already have training and experience in a specific tourism occupation, then you need to check out emerit, Canada’s online source for tourism training and resources.

At you’ll find information about tourism-specific training products and certification programs that are recognized across Canada.

For example, you can register to take a knowledge exam for the tourism occupation that matches your experience most closely. Passing that exam can be your first step to receiving your Canadian certification as a tourism professional.

How to Get Qualifications Obtained Abroad Recognized in Canada

The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) collects, organizes, and distributes information and acts as a referral service to support the recognition and portability of work-related qualifications obtained in Canadian or internationally. CICIC provides information for newcomers on assessing prior learning, foreign credentials and qualifications. They also have information on where to go for credential evaluation services.

Other Resources

Association of Canadian Community Colleges Programs and Services for Immigrants

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