Prepare for the Job Search

What will I need for my job search?

Applying for a job in Canada usually involves two formal job search elements: a résumé and an interview. Some employers may require you to fill out an application form.

If you are new to Canada or are searching for your first job, you'll also need to apply for a Social Insurance Number.

Writing a résumé and cover letter

A résumé (also known as a curriculum vitae or CV) is your opportunity to give employers a brief summary of yourself and your relevant knowledge, abilities and experience in one or two pages. Submitting a résumé is a common part of the job application process. To be effective, your résumé should also be accompanied by a cover letter.

As a job seeker, a skills-based résumé allows an employer to see right away what skills you have. Tourism employers look for the transferable and specific skills you will bring to the job. Many Canadians seek help to prepare a job application, so take advantage of resources that provide tips and strategies for writing your cover letter and résumé so that they will be noticed by an employer. For tips on how to reflect on your skills, see Assessing Your Skills.

The Government of Canada Résumé Builder allows you to save up to five professional looking résumés with a choice of layouts. It also gives you résumé writing tips, and sample résumés. See the Service Canada Job Bank.

Preparing for a job interview

If an employer thinks you might be suitable for a job, you will be invited for an interview.

These are different types of interviews, such as behavioural, informal, or panel. Each seeks to see how your skills, experience and personality fit the job vacancy and the organizational culture. The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice answering different types of interview questions and to research the company.

The Canadian Careers website also offers a comprehensive guide to helping you succeed at the interview process. Government Employment Resource Centres and immigrant serving organizations can also help you get ready for an interview: see the Canadian Careers Interview Guide for more information.

Using social media to find a job

Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook offer job seekers the ability to network and showcase their skills and experience to prospective employers. Below are some resources to help you create stand-out profiles, and some to provide advice on making sure HR managers aren't going to stumble across any inappropriate or unprofessional posts, pictures or comments.

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