Starting Your Own Tourism Business

How do I start my own tourism business?

If you want to start your own small business in the tourism sector in Canada, there are many websites providing free advice and information to help you create your own tourism job opportunity.

Many tourism businesses are small private companies; in fact, very small businesses with no more than four employees dominate the sector. These businesses started with an idea before they came to life with research, preparation and hard work; if you have an idea for a tourism business, have a look at the many sources of information available to you.

A good starting place is the Business Start-Up Assistant (BSA). This Government of Canada website provides useful information for launching a business in Canada. It combines start-up information from the federal, provincial and territorial governments, the community and many other sources. Information is organized by topics such as market research, financing, taxation and business planning. This website also provides links to federal, provincial and territorial forms for registering your business.

Another good place to begin is the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), which provides advice on starting a business in Canada. Its online guide describes the process from start to finish and includes many links to online tools and useful sites – many of them free. Learn more from the BDC My project: Start a business website.

You can learn more about starting a tourism business in some Canadian provinces from these websites.