Success Stories

Setting a Course For Success

Brigitte Murray was 20 years old and holding down two jobs just to make ends meet.  She had always wanted to work in the tourism industry – hotel management – but lack of experience was holding her back.

Now a Reservations Manager at the Greenwood Inn & Suites in Winnipeg, Manitoba, she cites a newspaper ad for the Tourism Career for Youth (TCY) program and a contact at the Manitoba Tourism Educational Council as the catalysts for the break she had been looking for. With four simple words - “We’ll fit you in,” Brigitte was on her way.

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The Curious Epicure

Curiosity may be tough on cats, but according to rising culinary talent Trevor Adams, an inquisitive mind is a great asset in the kitchen. “I stick my nose into every little corner possible,” says Adams “I guess that’s one of my trade secrets.”  As a teenager, Trevor discovered the restaurant business through the Tourism Career for Youth (TCY) program, offered through Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador.  “It was a perfect learning experience,” he explains. “In my first job, as a dishwasher, I was able to discover abundant opportunities to pick up new skills, including watching the chef work every chance I got.” 

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Borderless Curiosity

Allison Pitcher has a serious case of global curiosity.  Everyday, the possibility of a world beyond Central Ontario tugs on her imagination and, everyday, she works to bring a career in adventure, eco-tourism and international travel a little bit closer to reality.  “I knew what I wanted to do,” Allison explains with her trademark determination showing. “What I was trying to figure out was how to get there.”

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A Thunderous Round of Applause for Life Skills

The quest for balance drove Niki Melchert, a successful comedy headliner, to exchange a comfortable life as an entertainer in Victoria, BC, for a chance to build pride with young people in the northern town of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

For Niki - stage name Niki Bouchard -- and her musician husband, the decision to pursue community work came naturally enough. The couple had family in Prince Albert and they knew the problems First Nations youth faced in this city. Both were committed to the idea of taking a break to do something “real and honourable.” 

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Learning for Life!

Mary Peardon has a passion for teaching. For 33 years, she taught students in grades 10 through 12 the fundamental mathematical, English and history skills that they would use for the rest of their lives. Now in retirement, Mary combines her love of the teaching profession with that of her home province of Prince Edward Island as a facilitator for the Ready to Work program offered by the province’s Tourism Industry Association (TIAPEI).

Flying High

After a thirty-two year career with Air Canada, retired flight attendant and customer service attendant Paulette Leblanc was ready to spread her wings with a fun, interesting and flexible work opportunity.

The Rest is History!

Denis Poirier, retired after teaching for thirty-one years, heard Carol Lumb speak at a Tourism Conference about the need for professional people in the Tourism sector. As chair of the Regional Information Centre, Denis couldn’t agree more, so he accepted her challenge to become involved.

A Whole New View

When Elizabeth Pippy was 15, she worked at a seaside hotel on Prince Edward Island. She would look out the windows at the cars in the parking lot and wonder about the kind of people who drove them. Today, Elizabeth enjoys a whole new view as she looks out the windows at the cars parked in the driveway of her own Bed & Breakfast.