A Whole New View

Married and a mother soon after completing high school, Elizabeth worked hard to help support her growing family. “I held down a series of jobs during those years,” explains Elizabeth. “I was a bar waitress, retail sales clerk, para-mutual clerk, and then I had a 15 year career in banking - all the while taking night classes.”

“I went from banking into teaching, having taught in the Office Studies Division of our local Community College”, she says.

On retiring, Elizabeth had a beautiful home near the heart of Charlottetown, but only a modest pension. With Charlottetown’s inimitable charm, she knew tourism could be her ticket to financial freedom. And so, with retirement came Elizabeth’s B&B. “I love welcoming people into my home and have always been told I’m a pretty good cook. So, I thought, could I do this? – and the answer was yes, I could!”

Besides her guests, what Elizabeth enjoys most about her B & B is being her own boss. “All of my previous positions were pretty much following a certain course or plan. Now, I have freedom – financial freedom and freedom to set my own schedule and rules. It’s a lot of work, but work filled with love.”

Whether relaxing on the sunny deck or on the bench in the shade of mature trees, it’s plain to see that Elizabeth’s B&B is a labour of love. And when Elizabeth looks out the window, she sees the reflection of her own success!

Elizabeth Pippy, Owner, Elizabeth’s B&B, Charlottetown, PEI