The Rest is History

With a keen interest in the history of the local area, Denis set out to become certified as a tour guide. Today, Denis enjoys his work and long surpassed his original goal. In addition to becoming a tour guide, he has also been able to apply his skills as a teacher in the roles of Tour Guide Trainer and Tour Guide Evaluator for the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC).

STEC works with tourism operators, managers, employees, and educators/consultants across the province of Saskatchewan to develop a professional tourism workforce in Saskatchewan. STEC delivers Tourism HR Canada sponsored programs and products in Saskatchewan, including emerit.

Those who have taken one of his tours or courses will attest to Denis’ passion for history, exceptional depth of knowledge and dedication to professionalism. When asked what he enjoys most about his work his answer is simple: “I really enjoy the interaction with the individuals taking the Local Tour Guide Training Program. They are all there because they want to be,” he explains. “As far as giving tours, I love the interaction with the various groups whether they are children, young adults, adults or seniors. I often learn as much from them as they do from me!”

Because tourism is intensely service-oriented, success means knowing how to meet and exceed customer expectations. “I am working with people who feel as strongly as I do about the need for well-trained individuals in tourism – particularly if we are to compete with other cities, provinces or countries in attracting visitors.”

Denis’ life long passion for teaching has translated into a fun-filled and meaningful post-retirement work opportunity. The rest, as they say, is history!

Denis Poirier, Certified Tour Guide, Duck Lake, Sasktchewan