Finding and Applying your Skills in Tourism (FAST)

Launch FAST ButtonWill my skills help me to get a job in tourism?

Have you thought about applying your skills and experience to tourism?

The FAST checklists are, first and foremost, tools that allow you the opportunity to reflect on your skills.  You will find after working through the checklists that you have many more skills than you imagined.

Many of the skills that you have are known as transferable skills.  Anytime you develop a skill or gain experience and use that skill or experience to do something else, you are using a transferable skill.

Transferable skills can be gained from work, by volunteering in the community, and through sports and other activities at home and at school.

The FAST tool will help you think about the transferable skills you have gained from various experiences, and how these skills can be used when writing your résumé, answering interview questions, and working in the tourism sector. 

Complete the FAST self-assessment checklists to identify the skills and experiences that can help you to get a job or build a career in tourism.

FAST features seven self-assessment checklists covering a range of skill areas used in tourism occupations. Each checklist includes four skill types: job entry skills, skills used in front-line occupations (i.e., those where serving customers is a main job requirement), supervisory skills, and managerial skills. FAST checklists are based on skill requirements from Canada’s emerit tourism occupational standards, which are developed primarily by those working in the occupations and who know what is required.

Completing the Checklists

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