How should I prepare for an interview?

When interviewing for a position, many employers use a behaviour-based technique to determine whether an applicant’s abilities relate to the position to be filled.  The theory is that past behaviours will predict responses to situations in the new workplace. To determine past behaviours, the interviewer asks questions such as, “Give me an example of a time when you …”. Your response, to best answer the question for the interviewer, should include the following information:

Who was involved?
What did you do?
What was the positive outcome?  (If the result was negative, what did you learn from it?)

If your example took place in a cultural context very different from Canadian culture, you may have to also explain how you would adapt your behaviour so that it would be appropriate in a Canadian workplace.

Interview Preparation Tools

Tourism HR Canada's Tourism Essentials Transferable Skills has a section on job search skills, including writing cover letters and résumés, and skills to use when attending an interview. 

The Career Services Centre of Dalhousie University offers several free online workshops that cover topics including interviewing techniques and tips for writing a résumé.