Bartender or Food and Beverage Server

A guest requests a ‘Doux’ Champagne. What sweetness level of Champagne is he looking for?

A blind woman enters the establishment with a guide dog. To show consideration for the guest, where would a server/bartender seat her when selecting a table?

Why is teamwork important for servers/bartenders?

Which of the following liquors could be flavoured by exposing vapors to juniper berries?

What are the dietary restrictions of a vegan?

How can a server/bartender demonstrate she is a team player?

When following recommended wine service guidelines which of the following should a server/bartender suggest?

What should the server/bartender do when a credit card payment is declined?

What are suggesting solutions to problems, ordering supplies in advance, being loyal to the establishment and helping out where necessary a part of?

How would a server/bartender describe a tenderloin cut of beef?

Which of the following are the most important details to record after you have witnessed a guest stealing an item?

When brandy is added to a wine to sweeten it or increase the alcohol content, what is the resulting wine known as?

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