Bartender or Food and Beverage Server

A guest requests a dark, heavy-bodied, bittersweet beer. What type of beer would the server/bartender recommend?

An employee is told by her doctor that she may require time off work. How should she find out about the company policies pertaining to illness?

What responsibilities does a server/bartender have when answering telephone calls?

A server/bartender wants to demonstrate professionalism when opening sparkling wine. What should she do?

A guest requests a ‘Doux’ Champagne. What sweetness level of Champagne is he looking for?

Which of the following are signs of intoxication?

What type of fermented mash is rum distilled from?

What should the server/bartender do when a credit card payment is declined?

What are suggesting solutions to problems, ordering supplies in advance, being loyal to the establishment and helping out where necessary a part of?

A server/bartender is delivering three plates of food to a table. He places the first two plates in front of the guests. When placing the third plate, his finger lightly touches the vegetables without disturbing them. He does not think the guests noticed. What should the server/bartender do?

What are the dietary restrictions of a vegan?

Where can a server/bartender find the name of a chemical and the location of the supplier?

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