Casino Dealer

Where can information be found about how a uniform should be worn?

Why is it important to keep denominations separated in a chip tray?

Where can copies of legislation be obtained?

A push is most likely to happen in what type of game?

Casinos must comply with which legislation?

Why is it important for a Casino Dealer to be continually aware of surroundings when managing a table?

A Dealer is unsure how many pins he can wear on his uniform. Where could he obtain this information?

A guest approaches a Casino Dealer and requests information about another Dealer. What information can be provided?

What is done to accept a gratuity?

A Casino Dealer has observed a player concealing cards. After notifying her supervisor and security, what else should be done?

Carlos works as a Casino Dealer in a busy casino. Sometimes he finds that he is unable to concentrate and has difficulties maintaining a positive attitude. What may cause these problems?

What is exhibited when a Casino Dealer is able to handle cards skilfully?

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