Casino Dealer

A Dealer is experiencing a problem with his supervisor. Where can he find out who to bring his concerns to?

Where can copies of legislation be obtained?

What does the term ‘table limit’ refer to?

A group of German-speaking players are having difficulty understanding the Dealer. The Dealer is fluent in German. Why should the Dealer continue using the official language?

A Casino Dealer is ill and has called in the day before her shift to let her supervisor know she will be away the next day. What has the Dealer demonstrated?

What is the difference between action and toke?

Where should chips always be placed when performing a transaction?

Why is it important to make a good first impression?

A Dealer is unsure how many pins he can wear on his uniform. Where could he obtain this information?

A push is most likely to happen in what type of game?

Why is it important to keep denominations separated in a chip tray?

What is done to accept a gratuity?

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