Casino Dealer

A Dealer is experiencing a problem with his supervisor. Where can he find out who to bring his concerns to?

What math function needs to be understood by a Casino Dealer?

A guest has incurred heavy losses over the evening. During the last hand, the guest makes a negative remark about the Casino Dealer’s skill. What should the Casino Dealer do?

What are standard operating procedures designed to do?

What is a common way to maintain chip inventory levels?

A group of German-speaking players are having difficulty understanding the Dealer. The Dealer is fluent in German. Why should the Dealer continue using the official language?

What can a Casino Dealer do when foreign-speaking players are having difficulty understanding the rules of a game?

A player calls a Dealer on a mistake the Dealer has made. The Dealer apologizes and corrects the mistake immediately. What has the Dealer demonstrated?

A Dealer notices a player bending cards in her hand. What should be done with the damaged cards?

What should be done to prepare a wheel game for play?

What should a Dealer watch for when observing player behaviour to ensure security?

Malory is an experienced, licensed Casino Dealer. She is starting a new Casino Dealer position in another province. What requirements does she have to meet to maintain her license?

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