Event Coordinator

What is one of the main elements of a training program?

Choose the best option for ensuring budget variances are identified in time to report and/or address them.

In which of the following situations would it be important to follow protocol?

What is one piece of important information that should be communicated to staff and volunteers working the event registration area?

Food and beverage service for a winter event will take place in a stand-alone structure. What service will be required to facilitate this activity?

What can an event co-ordinator do to confirm their understanding of an idea?

What is the desired outcome of a production schedule?

What document does the following statement describe? “It lays out how an event will look by taking into account the infrastructure needs of the event, including structures and facilities, utilities, communications, and access points.”

What does ‘protocol’ mean in relation to an event’s communication system?

What type of business document would outline challenges encountered during an event and recommended actions requiring follow up?

An event co-ordinator is researching potential trade shows to participate in. Which of the following should she ask about when contacting a trade show management firm that holds several events?

What organizational strategy should be used to ensure that specific tasks are completed by specific dates?

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