Food Beverage Manager

What is the purpose of analyzing the sales mix for a menu over specific time periods?

What additional information should be provided when submitting marketing ideas to management to aid in developing the marketing plan?

Monitoring bank procedures would include which one of the following activities?

How is anticipating guests’ needs considered part of guest service?

Which of the following is a reliable source of information for developing sanitation standards in a food and beverage operation?

What term is used to describe ‘a combination of advertising, personal selling, publicity and sales promotion’?

What kind of information must be included in an accident report?

What is a reason for keeping maintenance records for food and beverage service equipment?

What parameters that govern the relationship between the union and employees, are clearly outlined in a collective agreement?

What type of information is generally included in a job advertisement?

What is one benefit of handling a guest’s complaint effectively?

Which of the following elements is an important part of a job description?

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