Freshwater Angling Guide

What is one reason for maintaining good client relations?

From the list provided, choose the guideline that outlines how to hold and release a fish properly. Hold the fish in the water by:

A Freshwater Angling Guide has repeatedly asked her clients to stop fishing in a restricted area. They have ignored her warnings. What should she do now?

While a guide is getting ready to set up a shore lunch, she encourages some of the clients to help by collecting firewood. What is her motivation in involving clients in activities like this?

During a conversation with a client, a guide makes an effort to discuss major attractions and services in the local area. The point of her doing this is to show her commitment to:

What is the best way for an angler to minimize contact with a caught fish that is to be released?

Some clients are disappointed at the end of a trip because they did not catch any fish they could keep. They did however, enjoy good weather and see a bear and her cub. Which of the following statements would be appropriate for the guide say to help create a positive experience for the clients?

What type of local information does a Freshwater Angling Guide need to plan a safe trip?

Which of the following guidelines should a Freshwater Angling Guide follow to show respect for and to meet the needs of a special needs client on a trip?

Why should food be packed in tight double plastic bags or in covered containers when packing it for a trip? To avoid:

Which of the following activities is a good technique for managing stress on-the-job?

A client catches a fish in deep water. How should the guide advise the client to bring in the fish?

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