Freshwater Angling Guide

What is an INAPPROPRIATE statement for a guide to make to a client in relation to gratuities?

What is the first thing that should be considered when setting up an emergency shelter?

What should a Freshwater Angling Guide do if a client complains about the quality of the food offered during lunch?

How can a Freshwater Angling Guide determine the hazards particular to the area in which he will be guiding a trip?

An outfitter informs a Freshwater Angling Guide that a client on the next trip has a heart condition. What should the guide do as part of pre-trip planning to address this issue?

Which of the following substances or items can be burnt to create black smoke to signal for help?

How can a Freshwater Angling Guide help clients, who do not speak English, learn the technique of casting from a boat?

From the list provided, identify the term that matches this definition: ‘The maximum number of wildlife, fish and people that can be sustained by an area over a specific time period without negatively impacting local culture, residents, environment, wildlife and fish populations and experiences of clients’.

A Freshwater Angling Guide is guiding a group in watercraft when an electrical storm hits. What should she do to protect the safety of the group?

A Freshwater Angling Guide is setting up for a shore lunch and wants to ensure that he minimizes impact on the environment while doing so. Which of the following activities would ensure that environmental impact is minimized?

Which of the following activities should be the first step a guide should take when handling a natural or accidental death of a client during a trip?

A client asks a guide about the customs regarding gratuities. Choose the statement that best shows how the guide should respond.

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