Freshwater Angling Guide

Why should food be packed in tight double plastic bags or in covered containers when packing it for a trip? To avoid:

What is a benefit of reducing catch limits?

Why should metal, not plastic, funnels be used when refueling?

For at least how many minutes should water be boiled to ensure that it is purified?

Tact and discretion are good qualities for a Freshwater Angling Guide to exhibit in which one of the following guiding situations?

What is an INAPPROPRIATE statement for a guide to make to a client in relation to gratuities?

Which of the following activities should be the first step a guide should take when handling a natural or accidental death of a client during a trip?

For which of the following actions should a Freshwater Angling Guide be responsible during a pre-trip meeting with an outfitter/employer?

A Freshwater Angling Guide docks the boat and allows all of the clients to get off at the end of the trip. He says goodbye to the clients and then leaves to take the boat for routine maintenance. What else should the guide have done to complete the clients’ departures properly?

What number of anything is an international signal for help?

Which of the following guidelines should a Freshwater Angling Guide follow to show respect for and to meet the needs of a special needs client on a trip?

Which of the following substances or items can be burnt to create black smoke to signal for help?

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