Front Desk Agent

What is typically used to share information between employees, supervisors and departments?

After receiving a completed pay-out form and issuing the cash, what must the front desk agent do to complete a cash pay-out?

What should the front desk agent do when explaining the cancellation policy to a guest?

A guest requires information about a local theatre production. What response by the front desk agent is most appropriate?

At what point are special requests communicated to appropriate departments?

Which of the following statements is a guideline for responding to a group reservation enquiry?

Which one of the following examples is required to keep the front desk operation current?

How should a front desk agent provide immediate confirmation for a room reservation?

When should guest arrival documents be completed?

Checking the room rack for available rooms and verifying reservations status are part of what front desk agent activity?

What does knowing about affiliated properties and their locations allow the front desk agent to do?

What is the best way to answer the telephone?

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