Front Desk Agent

The front desk agent finishes taking inventory of the department key cards. She finds that there are two key cards that have not been returned by a staff member. What should the front desk agent do?

A tour bus containing a group of guests arrives at the property. During group check-in, who should the front desk agent speak to regarding billing instructions?

What procedure is being followed when a front desk agent informs a group leader of outstanding charges?

How much cash should be obtained from a guest paying for a two-night stay in a hotel?

What is a bucket check?

What is typically used to share information between employees, supervisors and departments?

What is the proper way to greet a guest who is checking in?

Which one of the following activities should be performed at the end of a shift?

The front desk agent places a wake-up call as requested by the guest but there is no answer. What should the front desk agent do?

A front desk agent is preparing the room list for a group. What does the front desk agent need to consider?

What is a front desk agent doing when assessing and prioritizing tasks?

What information should be discussed with a caller when taking a guaranteed reservation?

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