Front Desk Agent

At check-out, a guest disputes certain incidentals on her account. What should the front desk agent do?

After receiving a completed pay-out form and issuing the cash, what must the front desk agent do to complete a cash pay-out?

Being willing to learn and adjusting to change are examples of which one of the following traits?

When would a front desk agent complete the arrival document of a guest who has a reservation?

When completing a departures follow-up, the front desk agent finds that a guest’s credit card number is not available. What should the front desk agent do?

When a group arrives, what information should be verified with the group leader?

The front desk agent has recorded a message for a guest who is not available. How should the front desk agent follow up?

How much cash should be obtained from a guest paying for a two-night stay in a hotel?

What should be provided to a guest who cancels her reservation?

Which of the following statements is a guideline for responding to a group reservation enquiry?

What is typically used to share information between employees, supervisors and departments?

A front desk agent is explaining the property’s cancellation policy to a guest. What should the front desk agent include in the explanation?

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