Heritage Interpreter

A heritage interpreter dressed as a character from an 1870's village would be providing which of the following type of interpretation?

Which of the following is part of adhering to safety and security procedures?

What type of questions limit answers to short responses such as 'yes' or 'no'?

Parking by-laws and event permits fall under which jurisdiction?

Which of the following is an example of natural knowledge?

Why is it important to read current, relevant publications and attend workshops?

While leading a group of participants on a walking tour through a wooded area, a heritage interpreter in a nature reserve finds a previously unknown artifact. Which of the following is the most appropriate course of action?

Which of the following is a principle of graphic design that applies to non-personal interpretation?

Why is it important to know the sources of information used in an interpretive program?

An interpretive program involves a hike on trails through a mountain pass. Unseasonable weather has made some of the trails unfit for foot traffic. How can the heritage interpreter reduce the safety risk to participants?

Participating in public relations activities and responding to enquiries are aspects of which of the following?

Why is it important to diversify the methods used in program delivery?

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