Heritage Interpreter

What is it important to do when handling a complaint?

Which of the following is an example of natural knowledge?

Within the sender-message-receiver communication process, what must the sender provide to successfully complete the process?

Which of the following is a true statement about interpretation?

Which of the following is the best course of action when dealing with on-going verbal abuse from a participant while delivering a program?

Participating in public relations activities and responding to enquiries are aspects of which of the following?

A heritage interpreter dressed as a character from an 1870's village would be providing which of the following type of interpretation?

Why is it important to read current, relevant publications and attend workshops?

Which of the following are guidelines for program delivery?

A heritage interpreter is delivering a program when a fire alarm rings. What critical thing should the interpreter do?

Which of the following is part of adhering to safety and security procedures?

While leading a group of participants on a walking tour through a wooded area, a heritage interpreter in a nature reserve finds a previously unknown artifact. Which of the following is the most appropriate course of action?

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