Heritage Interpreter

Which of the following is a situation open to misinterpretation that a heritage interpreter should avoid?

Which of the following terms means to ‘maintain equilibrium between the environment, social impacts and the economy’?

Which of the following is a principle of graphic design that applies to non-personal interpretation?

What is it important to do when handling a complaint?

History and policies are components of what a heritage interpreter should know about which of the following?

A heritage interpreter is delivering a program when a fire alarm rings. What critical thing should the interpreter do?

Which of the following is part of adhering to safety and security procedures?

Which of the following are guidelines for program delivery?

A theme walk is an example of what type of personal interpretation?

At the beginning of a program, an intepreter talks to the group leader and asks participants about their time restrictions. What will this information help the interpreter to do?

An interpretive program involves a hike on trails through a mountain pass. Unseasonable weather has made some of the trails unfit for foot traffic. How can the heritage interpreter reduce the safety risk to participants?

Why is it important to read current, relevant publications and attend workshops?

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