Housekeeping Room Attendant

Flipping mattresses is a task generally completed as part of what cleaning schedule?

What is the term for a security lock that can only be used from inside the guest room?

What is the best way to respond to guest questions if unsure of the answer?

What type of brush would be best for cleaning the hinges on a door?

W hat should a Housekeeping Room Attendant ensure before lending requested items to guests?

What should be done with stained linens that have just been stripped from a bed?

Ann, a housekeeping room attendant, arrives just in time to put away her belongings and rushes to get organized for her shift. She willingly accepts a change in duties that her supervisor tells her about, asking for clarity on one of the tasks. What aspect of Ann’s professionalism needs improvement in this scenario?

Which one of the following pieces of equipment in a guest’s room should be disinfected after the guest has checked out?

Which of the following items can be removed from a guest’s stay-over room when it is being cleaned?

While cleaning a check-out room that a guest vacated earlier in the day, a housekeeping room attendant finds a gold ring under the bed. What should the housekeeping room attendant do?

What procedure involves determining the availability of an item, delivering it to the guest room and recording the return of the item?

How can a Housekeeping Room Attendant be prepared for emergencies?

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