Housekeeping Room Attendant

What is the potential hazard identified on controlled products by the symbol showing a fire?

What is the definition of blocked rooms?

What is the proper action to take if guests are found to be staying in a room that should be vacant?

Which is the best response for a Housekeeping Room Attendant in case of a fire?

While cleaning a check-out room that a guest vacated earlier in the day, a housekeeping room attendant finds a gold ring under the bed. What should the housekeeping room attendant do?

What is the term for a security lock that can only be used from inside the guest room?

W hat should a Housekeeping Room Attendant ensure before lending requested items to guests?

What do problems with the cleanliness of guest rooms, inadequate supplies and malfunctioning equipment have in common?

What step is missing from the following scenario showing how to clean a rubber bath mat. Place the mat in hot water in the tub. Let it soak and then scrub, rinse and wipe it down.

Which of the following will be completed when stocking the linen room?

What is the term for the locked room in which supplies required for cleaning rooms is kept?

What is one task that is generally done when beginning a housekeeping shift, but not when ending it?

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