Housekeeping Room Attendant

What is one instruction about a foam nozzle that should be followed when re-filling it?

How can a Housekeeping Room Attendant be prepared for emergencies?

A housekeeping room attendant needs to leave a guest room she is cleaning for a few moments. What should she do to maintain security?

What is one task that is generally done when beginning a housekeeping shift, but not when ending it?

Which one of the following actions would be most appropriate for a housekeeping room attendant to take in response to two guests fighting in the hall?

A housekeeping room attendant notices some bathroom tiles are cracked while cleaning a room. How should she report the problem?

W hat should a Housekeeping Room Attendant ensure before lending requested items to guests?

Which of the following items can be removed from a guest’s stay-over room when it is being cleaned?

When cleaning a Jacuzzi, what should be done with the jets and filters?

What should a housekeeping room attendant do if there is a do not disturb sign on the door of a guest room that needs to be cleaned?

When cleaning a wood-burning fireplace, where is a good place to dispose of ashes?

What is the potential hazard identified on controlled products by the symbol showing a hand and bar being damaged by a liquid?

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