Hunting Guide

When field dressing an animal, why must a hunting guide ensure that there is evidence of sex intact?

How can a hunting guide confirm understanding of a client’s request?

When should a hunting guide consider cancelling a trip?

What type of wildlife situations could pose a danger to clients?

How can a hunting guide make a client with physical limitations feel comfortable in camp?

What does a hunting guide need to confirm with clients before the first shot is fired?

What procedure includes looking past the target to ensure that it is safe to shoot?

How should a hunting guide respond when clients ask if they should give a gratuity?

What guidelines are put into practice when hunting guides leave their campsite cleaner than it was found and carry out everything that was carried in?

How can a hunting guide be prepared for weather and seasonal conditions?

Why should a hunting guide spend time before the trip assisting clients with sighting of firearms or bows?

What is the term used to describe the curved path followed by ammunition from the time it leaves the bow or gun muzzle until the time it reaches its target?

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