Hunting Guide

What is the term for the practice that decreases the effect of human population on land through increased awareness, understanding and respect for the natural environment and local culture?

What skills is a hunting guide using when making eye contact, smiling or using hand gestures?

What document outlines the expectations of the outfitter and what the guide can expect while he is working for the outfitter?

What methods can a hunting guide use to reduce stress on a hunting trip?

What procedure includes looking past the target to ensure that it is safe to shoot?

How should a hunting guide respond when clients ask if they should give a gratuity?

What guidelines are put into practice when hunting guides leave their campsite cleaner than it was found and carry out everything that was carried in?

What precaution can be taken to reduce potential fires or explosions caused by static electricity when working with fuel?

What is the reason for checking that saddle cinches are clean and tight throughout the day?

What is the best method to signal for help after the search aircraft have been spotted during daylight?

How can guides assist clients when they arrive in camp and make them feel welcome?

Why should a hunting guide spend time before the trip assisting clients with sighting of firearms or bows?

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