Hunting Guide

Which of the following is one of the requirements for Hunting Guide Certification?

What information does a hunting guide need to know about firearms and ammunition?

Why is it important to filter fuel before it is used?

Which of the following is an example of a firearm safety procedure?

What is the term used to describe the curved path followed by ammunition from the time it leaves the bow or gun muzzle until the time it reaches its target?

How can a hunting guide minimize confrontations with recreational users?

For safety considerations, what information should be provided to the outfitter or local authorities prior to the hunting trip?

What is the term for the practice that decreases the effect of human population on land through increased awareness, understanding and respect for the natural environment and local culture?

What methods can a hunting guide use to reduce stress on a hunting trip?

What does a hunting guide need to confirm with clients before the first shot is fired?

How should a hunting guide respond when clients ask if they should give a gratuity?

What is the purpose of an emergency shelter?

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