Sales Manager

During his orientation training as a sales manager for a large hotel, Wissam asks if the company’s history, goals, policies and procedures are available online. Why has Wissam asked for this information?

During a presentation, a client appears unhappy with the sales manager’s proposal. The client is sitting behind her desk with her arms crossed and is avoiding eye contact. What type of communication is taking place?

What part of the marketing plan details what is to happen and when it is to happen?

What is the best way for a sales manager to ensure that a client purchases the organization’s products or services?

At a formal meeting, what procedure takes place immediately after the meeting has been called to order?

What should be included in an information package sent to a potential client?

What are the controllable marketing variables used to produce the desired response in the target market called?

What is the first step towards developing a sales presentation?

What is included on a meeting agenda?

What information should be included on a meeting agenda?

What is a guideline for speaking effectively?

‘Set-up time’ is defined as the amount of time needed to do what?

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