Sales Manager

Why is it important to close a sale?

What is the process of overcoming client objections by quoting satisfied customers?

What practice ensures that a sales manager’s day is planned effectively?

‘Set-up time’ is defined as the amount of time needed to do what?

What is one important follow-up activity common to both conducting a familiarization trip and a site visit?

During a presentation, a client appears unhappy with the sales manager’s proposal. The client is sitting behind her desk with her arms crossed and is avoiding eye contact. What type of communication is taking place?

What is a method for overcoming objections?

What is a common client objection for not meeting with a sales manager?

A sales manager is promoting tourism to a client. Which of the following statements would be appropriate for her to say?

At a formal meeting, what procedure takes place immediately after the meeting has been called to order?

What is the purpose of qualifying clients?

A large conference is taking place at a local establishment. After the annual general meeting, they plan to split up into smaller groups for work sessions. What are the rooms called that will accommodate these small group sessions?

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