Sales Manager

What is a person who provides retail travel agents with pre-planned travel programs for the general public called?

What kind of room set-up consists of a series of rectangular tables lined up in rows with chairs facing a head table?

What is the first step towards developing a sales presentation?

What is the process of overcoming client objections by quoting satisfied customers?

What are the controllable marketing variables used to produce the desired response in the target market called?

Which of the following can a sales manager do to exhibit professionalism?

What is one way for a sales manager to maintain a good working relationship with his/her competitors?

What is the best way for a sales manager to ensure that a client purchases the organization’s products or services?

At a formal meeting, what procedure takes place immediately after the meeting has been called to order?

What kind of technique involves asking the client for business directly, overcoming major objections, and offering a premium?

What practice ensures that a sales manager’s day is planned effectively?

‘Set-up time’ is defined as the amount of time needed to do what?

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