Which of the following examples best outlines active listening skills?

What should a supervisor do when preparing to handle a conflict between two employees?

A customer approaches a supervisor and complains that an employee has been rude to him. He says that the employee would not listen to his complaint, and told him to speak to someone else. The supervisor tells the customer that she’s sorry, but that it’s not the employee’s job to listen to complaints about that topic, and that that particular employee is feeling ill today. She asks the customer what she can do to solve the problem. She contacts the customer later to ensure the situation has been resolved. What did the supervisor do WRONG?

What is WHMIS?

What is the first step to solving any problem?

Larry is scheduling tasks he needs to complete by the end of the month. When determining the amount of time he needs for each task he considers the amount of experience he has with each. What else should he consider when scheduling?

When receiving products from a supplier, why is it important to compare the invoice to the purchase order?

Bob has been asked to inform employees of the requirements and conditions of their employment contract. He is not sure he understands the requirements himself. What should he do?

What is the first step in implementing an action plan?

A supervisor has been monitoring a new employee’s progress. The new employee is nervous, but enthusiastic. He provides great customer service, but has been using the cash register incorrectly, causing delays for customers and other employees. The supervisor wants to keep the new employee motivated, but needs to correct the behaviour. Which of the following would be appropriate for the supervisor to say to the employee in this situation?

A supervisor has been told that there is going to be a change in the policy regarding where employees are allowed to take their breaks. He holds a staff meeting to tell the employees about this, and indicates that the change will take effect in one-week’s time. What else should he include in his message to help facilitate the change?

Shelley is a restaurant supervisor who is responsible for implementing new legislation in the organization. What should she do to ensure the organization complies with the new legislation?

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