What is WHMIS?

Why is it important to follow up on a training session within the organization?

What needs to be determined before ordering products and supplies?

A customer approaches a supervisor and complains that an employee has been rude to him. He says that the employee would not listen to his complaint, and told him to speak to someone else. The supervisor tells the customer that she’s sorry, but that it’s not the employee’s job to listen to complaints about that topic, and that that particular employee is feeling ill today. She asks the customer what she can do to solve the problem. She contacts the customer later to ensure the situation has been resolved. What did the supervisor do WRONG?

When should the conditions of employment, such as the salary, benefit package and probationary period be confirmed with a candidate?

An organization needs to keep current on industry trends, try to increase its market share and gain insight into areas where it can improve. One method used to accomplish this goal is to:

Involving supervisors in the development of the annual budget will help them understand:

Which of the following examples best outlines active listening skills?

What procedure might be followed if there are variances between the actual and budgeted figures for a supervisor’s department?

A supervisor has spoken to an employee about his chronic lateness. The employee has been late for his shift three out of five days this week. What should the supervisor do to ensure the employee understands that punctuality is expected from now on?

When receiving products from a supplier, why is it important to compare the invoice to the purchase order?

A new customer service policy has been established at the hotel Maureen works for. She is responsible for ensuring the employees she supervises adhere to the new policy. What should she do before notifying her staff of any changes to policies?

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