Wine Server

What is the driest of the sparkling wines?

What was Canada’s first commercial wine growing region?

What red grape variety is permitted in the production of Champagne?

Prohibition in the United States occurred during what 14-year period?

The Loire Valley is noted for which of the following white wine varietals?

What is the name of the process of turning bottles of sparkling wine so the sediment falls into the necks of the bottles?

James, a wine server, is drinking a white wine that he claims reminds him of “gooseberries.” Assuming James’ palate is accurate, he is mostly likely drinking a wine made from what grape variety?

In what decade did quality wine development begin in Canada?

What is a subregion of California’s South Coast wine producing region?

What is a characteristic of “terroir?”

Monica, a wine server, is assisting a couple that wish to try a high quality German wine. What type of wine could Monica suggest?

Which of the following wines is “aromatized?”

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