Wine Server

The Loire Valley is noted for which of the following white wine varietals?

What major wine producing country has yet to develop a national appellation system?

California’s Central Coast wine producing region is most noted for what red grape varietal?

Which of the following wines is an example of a Grand Cru from Burgundy?

What is the essential difference between the vinification process for all red and white wines?

In what decade did quality wine development begin in Canada?

Which of the following wines is “aromatized?”

Prohibition in the United States occurred during what 14-year period?

What are valid parts of a vine?

Monica, a wine server, is assisting a couple that wish to try a high quality German wine. What type of wine could Monica suggest?

Michelle is a winemaker who specializes in producing award winning Canadian ice wines. At what temperatures can Michelle harvesting and press her Vidal grapes?

The grape varietal “Nebbiolo” is grown in which of the following Italian wine production regions?

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