Which Industry Groups am I Best Suited For?

In which industry group would you first like to find work? In which industry group could you see yourself building a career? Try these quizzes to find out.

Each industry group will have many different kinds of career choices. A few jobs will be similar across different groups. If you are planning to build a career in a particular industry group, however, it is important that you are enthusiastic about the kind of work most common to that industry.

In this section, you will be thinking about how much you like and dislike work in each industry group.

There is one quiz for each industry group: Food and Beverage Services, Accommodation, Transportation, Recreation and Entertainment, and Travel Services.

Each quiz contains 10 questions.

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Questions Disagree - Neutral - Agree
Learning about ingredients, new dishes and food preparation techniques.
Learning about different wines – where they come from, how they are made and what they taste like.
Being active and on your feet all day.
Clearing dirty dishes and cleaning up after people.
Working side-by-side with other people in order to provide good service to the customer.
Remembering small details and facts.
Entering and retrieving information from a computer in order to do my job.
Working quickly and under time pressure.
Doing two or three things at once.
Remembering faces and names.

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