Tourism HR Canada WebQuest

Learning Outcomes

After completing this WebQuest learners will be able to:

  • Identify the challenges Canada faces in meeting tourism job needs of the future
  • Apply information in Tourism HR Canada research and publications to inform opinions on the future of tourism in Canada
  • Describe the full range of Tourism HR Canada activities


The Tourism HR Canada works with students, business owners, researchers, and government bodies to address labour market issues and increase professionalism in Canada’s tourism sector.

Tourism HR Canada is a trusted source for information on tourism work in Canada. For example, students can turn to Tourism HR Canada for details on finding careers. Business owners can discover tools to help build their enterprise. Those working in the industry can discover what they need to know about skills training and upgrading. And researchers know that Tourism HR Canada provides them with comprehensive and timely information in the site’s extensive research and publications area.

Tourism HR Canada’s website is offered in both English and French. With links to a wide range of programs, services, events and resources, a community portal, newsroom and other features, Tourism HR Canada offers Canadians the best window into tourism careers and the tourism labour market.

The main Tourism HR Canada site also acts as a portal to other websites: emerit (for National Occupational Standards, training and professional certification); Discover Tourism (for people interested in a career in tourism).

Next steps:

Question and Task 


Evaluation and Debrief