Discover Tourism WebQuest

Learning Outcomes

By completing this WebQuest learners will be able to:

  • Describe the variety of careers in tourism
  • Identify the skills they have that are suited for a career in tourism
  • Research training options related to tourism
  • Evaluate possible career paths in tourism


Discover Tourism is a site designed to help all Canadians get a better sense of the kinds of careers Canada’s tourism sector offers.

Through this WebQuest you will have an opportunity to learn more about tourism careers by finding answers to questions like:

  • How can I apply my unique strengths to a career in tourism?
  • What kinds of careers exist in the tourism sector?
  • Where and how can I get the training I need?
  • Can tourism offer me a career I can enjoy, and one that sets me up for a secure future?

Through this WebQuest you will discover what tourism has to offer you. There’s a good possibility that the tourism industry has more opportunities than you know about, and that there’s a great career in tourism waiting for you!

Next Steps:

Question and Task 


Evaluation and Debrief