Career Pathways with Muriel Assande

There’s a driving goal that keeps Muriel Assande working hard at Centennial College’s Hospitality and Tourism Administration program. 

She wants to own a hotel one day. 

Since high school, Muriel’s loved making others feel welcome. She values creating inclusive spaces where people are free to be themselves, regardless of who they are. As a very social person, it’s no surprise she gravitated to hospitality and tourism—an industry that allows her to organize events, curate experiences, and regularly meet new people. 

“I just love that the hospitality and tourism industry is a very, very wide world,” explains Muriel, “It’s just like a universe for me.” 

Journey into an Exciting New Career in Canada

Moving to a new country can be nerve-racking—especially when searching for a job. But for these three newcomers to the prairie city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, a career in tourism offered an exciting future full of enriching experiences and meaningful connections.

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