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You’ve taken on the noble role of supporting people as they seek out their professional calling. You understand their skills, attitudes, and all the unique talents they have to offer. Now, show them what Canadian tourism can offer them.

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With case studies and stories from real-life tourism professionals in Canada, you can provide your clients with relatable role models to inspire their futures. When the potential for success can look so many different ways, a career in tourism can be a perfect fit for all kinds of talented people.

Group of travellers enjoying a winter bonfire at dusk.
Person with a hiking pack on a suspension bridge traveling through a rainforest.

Abdullah El-Safadi: Air Canada

Not everyone is suited for a desk job. Some are compelled to never stop moving.

For Abdullah, he knew the 9-to-5 office life wasn’t for him—his deep passion for travel and exploration had already led him to visiting travel destinations all over the world. When he secured his position of Director of Community Partnerships for Air Canada, he knew he had found a career where he could truly thrive.

“For me it’s about staying with people, learning about them, learning about the communities.”

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