This Explorer Embraces Travel in Life and at Work

Abdullah El-Safadi always had a desire to explore beyond the confines of an office. He felt called to a life of adventure and movement. An explorer by nature, Abdullah’s energy and curiosity ignited a passion for travel that has since turned into a fulfilling career. He has already visited all seven wonders of the world—as well as 56 nations—and he hopes to reach the 100 mark by his 30th birthday.

As Manager of Community Partnerships for Air Canada, Abdullah gets to travel all across Canada to support community events across Canada as a way of giving back to worthy causes and organizations that align with Air Canada’s values. When he isn’t travelling for work, he travels for pleasure, finding great joy in visiting new places and learning about the people there.

Immersing himself in different cultures all around the world has not only satisfied Abdullah’s yearning to explore—it built up his confidence in ways he could have never anticipated.

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