Director of Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing directors are responsible for establishing and directing the marketing and sales activities of an organization. They may work for a company in the recreation and entertainment sector, such as a zoo, museum, amusement park, or heritage site, or they may work for hotels, resorts, tour companies, convention centres, transportation companies, etc. Sales and marketing directors direct the activities of staff involved in sales, marketing, advertising, and public relations, and in doing so, they impact the direction and goals of a company.


  • Assign sales territory, target groups, and sales quotas
  • Coordinate sales activities with other work units or departments
  • Prepare and submit plans, budgets, progress reports, and annual sales reports
  • Manage human resource functions, e.g., hiring, training, performance reviews
  • Research competitors’ products/services
  • Develop goals and objectives, projects, and priorities, and assign them to sales managers
  • Develop and conduct sales campaigns and marketing and promotional plans
  • May perform duties of sales manager


A director of sales and marketing requires supervisory or management experience in sales, marketing, public relations, and/or the tourism industry. Proof of previous sales success will be requested. Leadership and team-building skills, good communications skills, human resource and financial management skills, and time management skills are also necessary. In addition, this position benefits from strategic planning and business skills, advanced sales and marketing experience, and a network of contacts. Also, knowledge of the products, the company, the competition, and the industry is beneficial.


A university degree or college diploma in business administration, marketing, communications, public relations, advertising, or a related field is required.