Event Manager: Concerts

Concert event managers are responsible for planning and executing live music events in venues across Canada. They work with talent and industry professionals to make sure events run smoothly and according to plan, and oversee the production, creative vision, and communication for each event. In this position, concert event managers work with music industry insiders and talent, creating connections and maintaining relationships to create one-of-a-kind, live experiences. Concert event managers may work in a variety of venues and capacities, including for specific local or nationwide venues or organizations.


  • Source venues and talent
  • Work with managers to source and maintain relationships with talent
  • Work with venue staff to execute the event, including preparing the stage and set, arranging the equipment, meeting talent needs, and curating the audience experience
  • Be highly organized
  • Liaise with event sponsors
  • Work with artistic directors to plan and execute a creative direction
  • Manage teams leading up to the event and during the event to make sure all teams are communicating efficiently and effectively
  • Ensure emergency measures and rules are in place so concertgoers, talent, and staff can all experience the concert safely
  • Adapt to changes and manage issues in real-time to make sure the event goes smoothly on the day
  • Maintain budgets
  • Respond to and manage risks that arise leading up to, during, and after the event
  • Manage human resource functions, e.g., hiring, training, performance reviews


A concert event manager requires project management and events experience. Proof of experience managing teams may be requested. While not required, experience in the music industry and proficiency in event software are assets.


A degree or diploma in management, public relations, communications, project management, hospitality, or a related field is required.