Indigenous Culture Tour Guide

Indigenous culture tour guides are responsible for sharing unique experiences with visitors from an important perspective. An Indigenous culture tour guide helps visitors and tourists better understand what they are seeing and experiencing. They’ll show and share a wide range of experiences that incorporate Indigenous culture, heritage, and traditions in an appropriate, respectful, and authentic manner. They act as the bridge between cultures, places, and people. An Indigenous culture tour guide may work for a company or independently, and are found across Canada, from large city centres to remote locations.


  • Research and develop tours and activities
  • Prepare for and give tours, and meet visitor expectations for unique, authentic experiences
  • Translate and interpret as necessary
  • Coordinate trips with individuals and groups
  • Focus on being customer service oriented
  • Perform human resource duties, including leading a team of like-minded individuals
  • Meet visitor expectations through team training and hospitality


An Indigenous culture tour guide needs to be able to develop authentic experiences, understand the tourism industry, and have knowledge of specific areas (e.g., places, activities, history). They also need to have customer service experience and the ability to quickly solve problems. A strong connection with Elders and the community is important and recommended. An understanding of land stewardship and sustainability is an asset.


A degree or diploma in the hospitality industry or related is an asset.