Museum Curator

Curators are specialists in a particular academic discipline relevant to a historic site/museum/gallery’s collections. Museum curators research and recommend the acquisition of artifacts and are responsible for the care of objects, materials, and specimens. They have highly specialized skills and knowledge in their areas of study.


  • Interpret materials or artifacts for the public and/or for other museum staff
  • Recommend acquisitions, loans, or sales
  • Research or authenticate history of artifacts
  • Coordinate the storage of collections using proper conservation methods
  • Set up displays and exhibitions
  • Supervise assistants


Excellent communication skills are required of a museum curator, as is experience in a museum, gallery, or related educational or research organization. A curator must have evidence of research and writing, and specialized knowledge in the area relevant to museum collections. Desired experience and skills include the knowledge of other specialty areas and an ability to interpret collections and to communicate that knowledge. Also, knowledge of the current market, the ethics of collecting, and of customs regulations is preferred.


Advanced university degree with a concentration in a discipline related to a relevant area of the museum’s collections is required.