Nightclub Manager

Nightclub managers direct, plan, and control all aspects of a nightclub in hotels, resorts, and private clubs. The position of nightclub manager is very similar to the position of food and beverage manager — the focus is just slightly different. For this position, the focus is on a nightclub establishment instead of all food and beverage services. The management skills in one position, however, can be used in the other.


  • Use operations management skills, such as following legislation and safety codes
  • Use financial management skills, such as maintaining and monitoring cash flow, handling bank deposits, and overseeing accounting procedures
  • Assist in promotion and sales
  • Maintain records
  • Conduct regular inspections of operation
  • Resolve customer complaints
  • Manage human resources, such as hiring, training, and scheduling staff


Proven supervisory or management experience is required of a nightclub manager. Food and beverage experience is also necessary, as are customer service and communications skills. In addition, planning and budgeting experience, business management skills, and time management skills are all assets to this position.


A diploma or degree in hospitality or food and beverage management is usually required. Courses in management, marketing, accounting, alcohol service, safe food handling, first aid, or service training are assets, as is knowledge of the National Occupational Standards for Food and Beverage Manager. Learn more about occupational standards, training, and certification on