Outdoor Adventure Guide

Outdoor adventure guides organize and conduct expeditions for sports enthusiasts, adventurers, tourists, or resort guests. They work for adventure tourism companies, resorts, parks, lodges, or campgrounds, or they operate their own small businesses. They might take clients white water rafting, fishing, hunting, or mountain climbing, depending on the season and on their skills. Often the work is seasonal, and, depending on the type of guiding, the hours can be irregular.


  • Guide individuals or groups
  • Create positive customer relations
  • Assemble necessary equipment and supplies
  • Set up and break camp
  • Prepare and/or serve meals
  • Instruct and demonstrate related skills and techniques
  • Respect and maintain natural resources


Physical ability and experience in the relevant sport or activity is required. An ability to get along and work well with others is necessary too. Excellent communication and instruction skills are required, as are organizational and leadership skills. Knowledge of terrain, environment, and local area in which the guide is to travel is important. Customer relations skills and equipment maintenance and repair skills are desired for this position, as is knowledge of outdoor cooking. It is also good to have knowledge of relevant laws, and of safety and emergency procedures.


A secondary school diploma is usually preferred. Standard first aid and CPR are usually required. Some specialties require special training or certification, e.g., mountain guides must be accredited.