President and Chief Executive Officer

A president and chief executive officer has the ultimate responsibility for management of a business, and may report to a board of directors or to an owner, or be the owner. This challenging position requires skills and abilities learned through extensive experience. A president and CEO may work in any tourism industry group. They must work well and effectively with a team, guiding and supporting them as together they meet the goals of the company. The ability to make good decisions based on sound business principles is required, as is an ability to interpret trends and statistics, and react to them, making changes to the business that will allow it to grow and prosper.


  • Plan, organize, direct, and control the activities of the business
  • Develop and administer policies, procedures, and programs
  • Coordinate the work of regions, divisions, or departments
  • Oversee financial management tasks
  • Manage human resources functions
  • Represent organization at external functions, in negotiations, or when making key announcements


This position requires prior management experience, leadership and decision-making skills, proven financial and human resource management skills, and advanced planning and organizational skills. In addition, specialized knowledge in the particular functional area is necessary, as are enhanced communication skills. Desired knowledge also includes knowledge of the competition and local area.


University degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce, hospitality management, tourism management, or other discipline related to business is usually required.