Railroad Conductor

Railroad conductors supervise service attendants and, as well, participate in providing guest services to passengers on trains. They operate the public address system, updating travellers on approaching stops. They offer information, answer enquiries, communicate with the locomotive crew, and periodically check train systems and equipment. This position requires the conductor to travel, perhaps on short trips returning to the point of origin on the same day, or perhaps from coast to coast.


  • Manage human resources, such as supervising staff in completion of their duties
  • Respond to customer enquiries and complaints
  • Provide customer services, such as ensuring safety procedures are followed
  • Supervise baggage and seating arrangements


Customer service experience, supervisory or management experience, leadership qualities, and team-building skills are all required for this position. Good judgment, problem-solving skills, and strong communication skills are also necessary. Desired skills include time management and financial management skills.


A secondary school diploma is preferred. Knowledge of the National Occupational Standards for Supervisor is an asset. Learn more about occupational standards, training, and certification on emerit.ca.