Small Business Owner/Operator

Tourism small business owner/operators are accountable for planning, decision-making, and management of all aspects of the tourism business. An owner/operator must continuously review and update business plans, check budget figures, monitor accounting and cash control procedures, and ensure the overall operation of the establishment is in line with predictions. Every tourism industry group has small business owner/operators, as each one has entrepreneurs who run their own small operations. The duties and requirements are similar for all.


  • Meet and exceed guests’ expectations
  • Offer tourism information and promote local area and tourism
  • Use business management skills
  • Use sales and marketing skills
  • Complete financial management tasks
  • Use administrative skills
  • Respond to enquiries and solve problems
  • Maintain facility, equipment, and supplies


Experience in tourism is required of a successful small business owner/operator. Organizational skills, marketing, sales and customer service skills, and good communication skills are also necessary. In order to manage the tasks required, administrative skills, accounting and cash control skills, and knowledge of business, the sector, industry, and locale are mandatory. Desired skills for this position include management, leadership, risk management, and human resource management skills. Financial management skills and office or business experience are also assets.


A secondary school diploma is required. A college diploma or degree in business, tourism, marketing, or management is useful. Training in both first aid and small business management, such as Emerit’s Tourism Business Builders, is an asset, as is knowledge of the National Occupational Standards for Small Business Owner/Operator. Learn more about occupational standards, training, and certification on