Her Travel Expertise Makes Dreams Come True

Rediscovering Her Love of Canada

Anjuli Bhatia had grown accustomed to never living in one city for more than three years at a time. Born in Canada, her father’s job led the family to move all over the world. She’s experienced life in Calgary, Halifax, Dallas, Lagos, and Germany, where she pursued an education in tourism management. 

When her younger sister got accepted into the University of British Columbia, Anjuli decided to tag along, assuming she would move to a new destination within three years, as she had always done before. Instead, her journey back to her birthplace sparked a passion for Canada—its wildlife, the vast open spaces, and all the things that make it spectacular.   

Seeking Authentic Experiences Through Community Immersion 

As the owner and operator of Canada Revealed—a boutique trip planning service specializing in Canadian exploration—Anjuli has become a bona fide expert in Canadian tourism. Over 15 years working in the tourism industry, she’s honed her expertise selling Canada. Her passion for travel and making community connections has led her to all corners of this massive country—the islands of Haida Gwaii, the arctic tundra, the maritime coast, and many winding roads in between. With every travel experience she gains, she becomes better at planning travel for others. 

If you really want to immerse yourself in this wild country, come to me. I will do a super deep dive with my clients—really figure out what rocks their world, what gets them excited, and find the product or the experience that matches, so they can say, ‘Okay, this trip was one for the books!'” says Anjuli.

Community-based tourism is important to Anjuli. Finding her way around a new place exhilarates her—no gimmicks or staged tourist attractions, just real, authentic experiences and connections. With each new location she visits, she maps out routes and travel times, meets with hotels and vendors to experience their services, and comes home with a long list of recommendations for other first-timers.

Custom-Tailored Travel for World Explorers

Anjuli gets clients from all walks of life, but the ones that tend to gravitate towards her specialized services are those who take travelling seriously. They want to fully immerse themselves in a place, prioritizing experiences over budget. 

People who are keen on sightseeing often inquire about the best times to see grizzly bears, salmon, or the famous northern lights. A trip consultant can’t control Mother Nature, but they can set people up for successful trips by picking the best locations and times. This can be challenging, as some attractions have short seasons, and things won’t always line up perfectly. But the challenge makes Anjuli’s job all the more satisfying. 

“Oftentimes, they’ll have this picture in their head, or something that they may have seen in National Geographic or a documentary, and they want to experience that. They’ll come to me and ask, and I’ll be able to tell them—because that’s one of my specialties!”

Recently, a European couple approached Anjuli about seeing polar bears and grizzly bears during the same season. High season for polar bears is late October through November—just when grizzly bears are preparing to hibernate. With just three months to book everything and such a short crossover of time to view both bears in their natural habitat, Anjuli devised a plan to connect the two destinations with a train ride through the beautiful Rocky Mountains. 

Anjuli made the couple’s dream come true thanks to her knowledge of the land—and her connections with all the other tourism professionals who are happy to accommodate her time-sensitive requests. 

Seeing Canada Through a New Lens

An interesting part of booking custom itineraries for world travellers is how people view the land differently. Anjuli says Americans often travel to Canada because they view it as a safe, accessible place. Europeans are stunned by the vastness of our country and how you can drive for hours in nature without seeing a single person.

However, one of Anjuli’s biggest passions is motivating other Canadians to explore undiscovered corners of our country. 

“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. I firmly believe that it enriches your life with new perspectives, understanding, and experiences. At the end of my life, I’m not going to count how many things I’ve accumulated—it’s the experiences and memories that I’m going to treasure the most.”

For anyone considering a travel-based career, Anjuli has one piece of advice: go explore! Test out the waters, do internships, find mentors, volunteer for non-profit organizations in tourism, try on different hats, and see what fits. 

Travel, to me, means a deep understanding and different world perspectives. It’s easy to get caught up in your little bubble. Your problems can seem a lot bigger when you don’t get out. So, when you travel and see how other people live—what’s important to them, what makes them happy, how they spend their day to day—it gives you a unique perspective on your own life.”

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