Centennial College

From pilot training to culinary arts, hotel management and more—this Toronto college has a lot to offer prospective tourism professionals. Here, you can pursue a career in transportation, accommodations, food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment, travel services, management, and more. 

Programs Include:

  • Diploma: Food and Beverage Management- Restaurant Operations
  • Diploma: Hospitality and Tourism Administration
  • College Certificate: Food Service Worker
  • Diploma: Culinary Management
  • Diploma: Hospitality- Hotel Operations Management 
  • Diploma: Baking and Pastry Arts Management
  • Certificate: Baking Skills 
  • Certificate: Food Tourism
  • Diploma: Tourism
  • Certificate: Hospitality Foundations
  • Certificate: Hospitality Skills
  • Certificate: Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management
  • Certificate: Canadian Integrated Transport Pilot License
  • Certificate: Culinary Skills
  • Diploma: Dance Performance
  • Certificate: Event Management
  • Diploma: Event Planning 
  • Diploma: Hospitality and Tourism Administration
  • Certificate: Museum and Cultural Management 
  • Diploma: Music Industry and Arts Performance
  • Certificate: Performing Arts Foundation
  • Diploma: Recreation and Leisure Services

Diploma: Hospitality and Tourism Administration, Diploma: Hospitality- Hotel Operations Management, and Certificate: Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Management have earned the SMART+ accreditation from Tourism HR Canada.