Niagara College

The Niagara region is known for its attractive scenery, lush fruit orchards—and of course, one of Canada’s greatest natural tourist attractions, Niagara Falls. At this campus, you can pursue a career in food and beverage services, travel services, and accommodations.

Programs Include:

  • Certificate: Artisan Distilling     
  • Diploma: Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management
  • Certificate: Beverage Business Management
  • Diploma: Winery and Viticulture Technician         
  • Diploma: Culinary Innovation and Food Technology
  • Diploma: Culinary Management
  • Certificate: Culinary Skills
  • Certificate: Baking and Pastry Arts      
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree: Hospitality    
  • Diploma: Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations       
  • Graduate Certificate: Hospitality and Tourism Management  
  • Diploma: Tourism Management – Business Development