Attract Driven Workers with a Mentorship Program

One of the most effective ways to gain motivated, committed workers is through a mentorship program.

As a leader in tourism, you can support the continued professional growth and development of your team through mentorship. By acting as a mentor yourself, or appointing a senior member of your team to mentor new hires or existing staff, you can provide a clear path for employees to build valuable skills and achieve their goals.

Additional Mentorship Resources

To guide you in planning and delivering a mentorship program in your place of work, we created these free printable resources for you and your team to use.

New Employee Orientation Checklist

Deliver a complete, comprehensive onboarding process for new employees to ensure they’re prepared to begin work.

Guide for Mentorship Meetings + Report Template

Use this guide to prepare for, deliver, and follow up after every meeting between mentors and mentees.

Mentor Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

A good mentor needs to have strong personal awareness of their own abilities and growth. In performing the role of a mentor, you can expect to develop your own professional skills along the way. Use this Individual Learning Plan to identify your goals and achievements and track progress.