Career Pathways with Marie-Hélène Rathé

Usually, employees working in the tourism industry are not just in it to collect a paycheck. If Marie-Hélène has noticed anything about working in tourism, it’s how employees are truly excited about what they do at work. 

Over 25 years into her career, Marie-Hélène is proudly part of an industry family: she met her husband working in tourism, and now her son is studying culinary arts. Working at Tourisme Alberta, Marie-Hélène gets to attend trade shows in France and Quebec, promoting francophone tourism in Alberta. She’s drawn to the opportunity to travel as part of her job, discovering amazing places in Canada and overseas. 

Journey into an Exciting New Career in Canada

Moving to a new country can be nerve-racking—especially when searching for a job. But for these three newcomers to the prairie city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, a career in tourism offered an exciting future full of enriching experiences and meaningful connections.

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