Experience the thrill of discovery in adventure tourism.

Spend every day connecting with new people and sharing riveting, memorable experiences. 

A career in adventure tourism offers you the chance to lead others through engaging activities, bold exploration, and memorable moments that leave a lasting impact. Find excitement in every day by planning expeditions, teaching skills and recreation, and exploring the natural wonders of Canada. 

If you’re an enthusiastic communicator with a curious mind and motivation to lead, the path of adventure tourism will lead you on an exhilarating journey. There are so many fascinating destinations across Canada with career opportunities available for anyone eager to learn. Begin your journey as an adventure guide for others, and with continued experience and training, you can move forward into a management or planning role. You may even find yourself owning or operating your own adventure tourism business. 

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Choose your starting point

Launch your career in adventure tourism with one of these entry-level positions where you can develop your leadership skills. Browse our featured roles to see what sparks your interest.

Tour Guide

Lead groups of visitors on tours through landmarks, museums, city scenery, and other interesting places—indoors or out in nature. A tour guide should feel comfortable with public speaking and meeting new people, so you can entertain and educate participants throughout their experience.

Freshwater Fishing Guide

Teach the exciting and incredibly useful sport of fishing. Instruct participants on how to safely use equipment, catch live fish, and clean and prepare fresh catches for consumption. With millions of freshwater lakes throughout Canada and thousands of native species to encounter, a career as a freshwater fishing guide is ideal for those who love wilderness adventures.

Two women walking in swallow water about knee-high holding fishing poles
Three people on a winter hike in on an elevated hiking bridge.

Adventure Guide

Are you eager to help others experience high-octane activities and outdoor expeditions like whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, or dog sledding? Become an adventure guide, so you can plan and lead single or multi-day trips. Monitor guests and be mindful of environmental impact, leading by example by making responsible, safe choices while enjoying the thrills of outdoor adventures. 

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Hunting Guide

Do you have experience hunting wild game? As a hunting guide, you can conduct and organize hunting expeditions by using your skills in navigation, and seeking and identifying wildlife species. Assemble equipment and guide participants through safe hunting practices that are in-line with legal regulations. Prepare campsites, meals, and transport for multi-day hunting trips, managing the safety and wellbeing of your participants and responsibly handling harvested game. 

A hunter smiling at a the camera in front of a rustic cabin.

Explore Mid-Level Opportunities

As you build confidence in your role, become familiar with industry standards, and you’re enjoying the career path you’ve followed, you can transition into an intermediate role offering more exciting challenges.

Tour guide providing information to a small group at the edge of Niagara Falls.

Tour Director

In this role, you’ll ensure that guests are following the itineraries planned for multi-day tours and supervise tour guides as they provide entertaining and informative commentary. Tour directors are also known as tour managers or leaders. Some work in one country, while others work across several countries or regions. 

Next, build your leadership skills

As you gain experience in adventure tourism, you can progress in your career by developing new abilities and taking on more responsibility. Learn management skills and best practices for leading teams to help you grow in your career. 


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Move up to management

Once you’ve gained valuable industry knowledge and feel ready to take on more responsibility, you can explore more roles that offer even greater potential for success. Here’s what a senior-level role in adventure tourism can look like.

Tour Operator

Are you a skilled planner who loves making lists? As a tour operator, you’ll be in charge of coordinating, contracting, booking, and packaging all the necessities for tours and vacations. From transportation to accommodations, meals, guides, and activities, your organization skills will help ensure that guests’ experiences are great from start to finish. Some tour operators also manage sales, marketing, and promotions. 

Tour van driving down a road in winter heading towards a mountain in the distance.
Person talking to a group of four on a moutain. Person is pointing at another moutain while the group of four are listening to him.

Small Business Owner/Operator

As a small business owner in adventure tourism, you’re the primary decision-maker, establishing policies and procedures, ensuring the safety of employees and guests, responding to inquiries and complaints, negotiating and managing contracts, and monitoring budgets, inventory and assets. You’ll hire, train, and supervise your staff, and establish a company culture that makes your team feel respected and valued.   

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